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Six kids: Catholic.

Last night I was working (I work at a university housing office), and these two Japanese girls came in with a list of questions to ask us (I guess it was some ESL project of theirs -- they were basic questions like "What's typical Canadian food?" and "What do you think of Canadian fashion?", etc)... Anyway the questions were lame but it let them practice their English, so it was fun.

What was FUNNER was when one of them asked me "How many people are in the typical Canadian family?" And my coworker and I were trying to agree on a number... We were saying 3 or 4 (including parents), but then my coworker mentioned that there are exceptions, such as the large size of Catholic families... To which I said, without hesitating: "Yeah, six kids: Catholic." in my best Jim voice :)

No one got the joke but I was loving it :)

Just thought I'd share my moment!
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